Monday, November 12, 2007

Another Tropical Critter

This one was about 44" from tip of tail to nose! He was sitting in my driveway basking in the afternoon sun. They are called 'Green Iguanas' and are native to Honduras primarily.

The males turn brown before reaching sexual maturity, while the females remain green much longer and never turn fully brown.

Comments - Suggestions?

First Photo - Tropical Critters

Can you spot the basking tropical critter?

Hint- He likes it in the sun!

This is a good start!

Well, here is the opening post for ImageBySpike. Spike is a photographer living and working in the Caribbean for 15 years (+ counting). Specialties include nature and scenery, as well as weddings and other special events. Look for postings of interesting and provocative photos from my extensive collection and ongoing work.

Comments and suggestions welcome, as long as they are in good taste!

Photos will follow in short order, so check back to see what appears here. You will be pleasantly surprised.